The Honey in the Moon

My wife Ruth and I had dropped the couple at a Hotel Suite that had been booked for them to rest after the night of the wedding. They were to travel to their honeymoon destination the following day. It was quite a long day and a culmination of a rigorous and emotionally draining three months. The wedding planning had been tough and stretched them physically, mentally and financially. Dennis is a man of few words. Too few if you ask me. He says a lot but uses the fewest words possible. This is not good for me who wants to know if a hair  stand fell out during the honeymoon and he picked it up for his dear wife. Nancy on the other hand is too eager to spill out everything on the table. I am frustrated because I must appear to balance the conversation. For the sake of progress, I allow Nancy to step up to the podium.

“So after you and mum left us at the hotel,” she starts. “I went straight ¬†into the shower, came out and waited for Mr.Dennis here to do the same. We then headed downstairs for dinner”

“Okay.” I urge…

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