Welcome to the world of sex: Intimate confessions about sex; first time sexual encounters. Relationships that went awry and the unforgiving aftermath of sexual chaos.

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Hard Cover

Enjoy this book on an eye-friendly off-white paper, beautiful fonts, and a wonderful cover.

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The modern marriage bed

In my younger years, there used to be a saying in wedding ceremonies about the size of the bed. It went something along the lines of; ‘the bed should be big enough to fit two adults but small enough to not allow too much space on the sides. this is one place couples will meet even if they have had a disagreement.

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Many revolutions in technological, cultural, and socioeconomic fields have been sparked by globalization. Globalization is basically the interchange of ideas, products and services, and cultural aspects across the borders. While scholars on the subject can trace aspects of globalization back to the Middle Ages, it is more prominent in modern times. The Internet and many of the advances in telecommunications (mobile phones, etc.) are among the main factors of globalization.

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kofia and beard11

The Honey in the Moon

My wife Ruth and I had dropped the couple at a Hotel Suite that had been booked for them to rest after the night of the wedding. They were to travel to their honeymoon destination the following day. It was quite a long day and a culmination of a rigorous and emotionally draining three months. The wedding planning had been tough and stretched them physically, mentally and financially. Dennis is a man of few words. Too few if you ask me. He says a lot but uses the fewest words possible.

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kofia and beard11

Modern Sexual Lifestyles

Many sexual perversions continue to enjoy a lot of social approval. They have even found their way into mainstream social discussions, complete with fancy, colored names. A friend once told me how advertisements for whisky and other ‘hard’ alcoholic drinks are designed to depict them as having some of the most desirable tastes. I think we can all agree that Whisky,

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The Software of Sex gives us a critical and objective look at the issues confronting human sexuality today with an intention of demystifying the common myths.  To gain the benefit of meaning of the “Software of Sex” that God has put in our human faculty


Bishop of the Diocese of Nairobi Anglican Church of Kenya
If we are to be honest, this book is long overdue. This is a real conversation that has been happening in secrecy and shame. It is a courageous look at our natural, God-given desire for sex, with the intention to empower all of us to take responsibility for our sexual behavior in response to that desire. I urge you to read with an open mind and an open heart, because within its pages lies something for everyone.

Margaret (Maggie) Gitu

MA MFT Marriage, Family & Sex Therapist
This is a riveting book, an alarm bell that will get us out of our ignorant stupor and bring us back to sobriety. The Software of Sex is a well-crafted tool that will awaken you to the clear and present danger posed by the miseducation of sex and sexuality.


Stones to Rubies Ministries
A balanced voice that we MUST listen to as one who understands that we can no longer accept “silence from the pulpit” as an adequate intervention for the various complex issues of sexuality. Ken Aringo fearlessly delves into one of humanity’s primal motivations and dissects it in a way that perfectly connects with our human experience.

Dr. Oscar W. Githua

Forensic Psychologist Assistant Professor of Psychology, USIU-A CEO/Principal Consultant, PFPI

Ken Aringo man31-bulb man31-1-pencil


Ken Aringo (Rev.) is An Ordained Priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya-Diocese of Nairobi. Currently serving as a Vicar at St. Chyrysostom parish in Bellevue-South C (Nairobi-Kenya)’. Ken is also the Founder Director of Preserving Human Dignity (PHD) Africa Youth Ministry (A registered Society in Kenya specializing in Evangelism, discipleship, mentorship and capacity building of African youth). Ken is a highly sought after Motivational speaker and Pan-African leader.

Ken is Married to Ruth Aringo, together they have two sons (Victor and Amani) and one daughter (Lulu) aged between 10 and 4. They live in Nairobi. Ken is a continuing post-graduate student majoring in Psychology of Counseling at Daystar University, a holder of Bachelor of Divinity (BDiv) from St. Paul’s University-Limuru as well as a Higher Diploma in Bible and Theology from East Africa University (High honors).

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